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The 10 Best Bars In Columbus' German Village
from Columbus Alive's article:
Coldest Beer in Columbus: Top 10
Beck Tavern is quite possibly the neighborhoodiest bar in the city. Without the green awnings, no one would ever notice that there’s a dive bar right smack in the middle of German Village’s million-dollar brick homes. The bar is where German Villagers young and old go to get a cold drink when they’re looking for a quiet place to unwind. It’s no doubt more fun to drink there when you’re a regular and everyone knows you, but Beck Tavern isn’t one of those neighborhood spots that thumb their noses at new patrons
from Columbus Alive's article:
Neighborhood bars: German Village/Merion Village/Brewery District
Large, beautiful brick homes surround Beck Tavern, an unassuming little bar in the heart of German Village. No matter that the outside environs are a bit counterintuitive; inside, the bar nicknamed “Low Beck” by neighborhood residents is a quintessential dive. Bartenders quickly serve up cheap drinks to non-regulars at the U-shaped bar, but they take time to chat with regulars.

Seated in the handful of booths — including one big enough to fit a decent-sized group — and gathering near the dart boards are patrons of all sorts: preppy twentysomethings, middle-aged men in suits and plenty of older folks who you can tell have had a tough week. It’s the ideal place for German Villagers to end a night out or grab a drink after work.
Yelp reviews:
Keep your manicured nails and your purse dog at home. Low Beck is a salt of the earth neighborhood bar. Call it a dive, call it a hole in the's really not either. This is just a bar that is well...a bar. This is exactly what you're supposed to walk into when you want to have a couple beers and laughs with the boys. This is exactly the type of place that you take your girl to knock back a few. This is the type of place that doesn't feel contrived or fake.

The inside is old, wooden, dank and bristling with welcoming regulars. We were actually waved in from one of the regulars while we were looking for a watering hole (Thanks Steve...enjoyed meeting you!). We enjoyed conversation with a few regulars and got to learn a little about Tom, our bartender (wicked glasses by the way!).

This place has cheap drinks, great conversation, a great atmosphere, and televisions tuned to sports. I'm not really sure what you could dislike about this place unless your nose is pointed past 9 O'Clock.

Try: Bellying up to the bar and conversing with the regulars

Avoid: Using the restrooms if you brought your purse dog
Beck Tavern (colloquially 'Low Beck') is my favorite go-to bar in Columbus. This place is the perfect example of a straight-up dive hovering satisfactorily above hole-in-the-wall. There's a smell, but only sometimes. It's cheap, but the selection is good. The bathrooms are a bit rickety, but they are always clean and I never have to wait.

Low Beck has a consistent regular crowd, but there is also a good mix during the peak bar-going nights. The jukebox is one of those mega search online digital numbers, so there is always a wide variety of tunes playing. TVs for sports, excellent and non-annoying service, dart boards, and enough seating all make for the best of low key bar experiences.

Hope to see you there - I'll be the one with the Maker's Mark, straight up.
I've been here once and I'm officially in love. What can I say, I'm a romantic - I fall fast. I think I knew I had serious feelings about Beck when an old, overweight patron entered without a shirt and surgical tape over his nipples acting as pasties. Yup, that was the moment.

I don't go out on the weekend usually, because even the dives tend to draw a bigger, more irritating crowd, but I came here on a Saturday night from 9-12ish and found myself with a small crowd of folks who left my rowdy party of 5 in peace.

- Two Hearted on tap. Always a must for any place I'm going to call my own. (Also spotted a Goose Island tap... 2 more I didn't take stock of)
- Readily available nearby street parking, unlike the rest of German Village.
- 100% dive vibes, without the smelly, stickiness that often accompanies that

I'll be back, Beck.
Great place to chill and super low key. Becks also has cheap drink prices and a decent selection of craft brews.

Full of cool people on weekends and the regulars on week nights. For me, this is a true hidden gem in German Village. One of the regular bartenders even looks a little like Stephen Segal. He's fun to talk with.
I have been going to the Beck Tavern since the mid 90's and now I live around the corner. I am not entirely certain why we started frequenting the Beck, but, I am pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that it is the quintessential dive bar. All through College this was where we all knew to meet the night before Thanksgiving... It was and is a tradition!

Everything from the sign outside screams dive bar! When I walk in the bar it feels as if I am walking back into 1995... Absolutely nothing has changed (aside from the new Juke box, Mega Touch machine and newish dart boards). The bar hasn't changed in over 15 years.... the oddly shaped booths in the front and the back are favorite spots for meeting a group. I can sit at the Beck Tavern for hours playing PhotoHunt or playing a heated game of darts.

If you are looking for ultra friendly service.... this is not the place. If you squirm in a less than clean bathroom... Go somewhere else. If you are looking for fruity drinks, a wine list or micro brews... I also suggest looking elsewhere.

The fact that it is equipped with cold beers, Darts, Mega Touch and a great Juke Box keeps me coming back.

The Beck Tavern is a German Village staple!
Yes, it is a good thing that the bartender looked at me funny when I asked for a Rusty Nail. He knew what it was, he just wasn't sure they had Drambuie. Once he found it he was sure when it had last been opened. After he got it open he gave it the ole smell test to make sure it was still good. Somehow, all of these things help Beck Tavern. Well, that and the $3 price tag.

Other perks? They have a great juke box and just enough light to play a game of euchre while you drink.

Beck Tavern, Divey, just the way I like it.
if i lived in german village, i think i would make it a point to become an institution at this bar.

it is a dive. the table in the front was obviously custom cut for the space its in, yet it constantly feels like its going to tip over. there's darts, pool, and a jukebox.

we went on st patricks day, there were maybe 2 other people there, and there was an announcement on the jukebox about how no one was allowed to play any irish music.

THIS is the kind of bar i want to hang out in, not the kind with weird signature cocktails, holier than thou attitudes, and popped collars.
Love this bar. It is very divey but is a great place to have a beer and relax. Never been there for a Buckeye Game, but it seems to have enough TVs to watch one there. Three Dart boards and always some good micro beers on tap, which is not usually expected at a place like this. Great feel and atmosphere, a bar you can actually hang out at and speak with those you are with.
My favorite "dive" bar in all of Columbus just try it out, you will be hooked after the first time you go, great date spot, that is if you want to be able to hear everything your date is saying while enjoying a nice old jukebox and possibly a game of darts.
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